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Winter Magic

It’s 3am and with the earth covered in glistening snow, it seems quieter than normal. As a night owl, 3am seems to me what the evening feels like for most, a quiet time just before drifting off to sleep. For me, there is a magic in this stillness, the energy of the night taken up by so few of us, while the rest of our neighbors sleep. But the night time seems more natural to me, and I am filled and renewed by the shining down of the stars and the gentle reverence of the moon.

While I will often and without question declare that Autumn is my favorite season, there is something to be said about winter. I sometimes wonder; if the beauty I find in Autumn is in the settling down of Mother Earth to be ready for her slumber. For if we had all four seasons in a day, surely Autumn would be our orange and red colored twilight and Winter our night.

Like many, I have groaned and moaned about our recent weather. Cancelling clients means no pay check and let’s face it, shoveling in the freezing cold can be miserable. Lest we forget, while we complain, Winter, in all her frosty air and snow offers up that sweet magic of 3am. At times it can be difficult but living attune to Mother Nature means being grateful. It means listening to the subtle but powerful lessons that surround us in every moment and taking heed.

So tonight I work with the ancient Pines; the Evergreens who know so well the glory of the Winter. I tap into their spirit with a humble and grateful heart. I close my eyes and see them tall and grand, guarding my rest like a living fortress. If you pay attention for but a moment, glimpse for just a second you can feel their love and support. You can feel their sacredness and the ancient wisdom offered up without conditions. These are elders of the forests, the protectors, the supporters, the trees that watch over the wood as it sleeps. These are the trees that hold the space while we rest in quiet reflection.

When the fear and frustration that can come with this time of years becomes overwhelming, I seek solace in the trees, and instantly I feel better. Their stillness, their quiet magic fills me and my trust is renewed. The beauty that lies within 3am, within deep winter can be found again. We can seek renewal, fill our wells as we practice self care and when our spring comes; we will be ready! Everything is as it should be. We will be alright.

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