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The mistakes people make when choosing essential oils to treat fibromyalgia.

Have you ever decided to look up essential oils for Fibromyalgia? What did you find? I often find suggestions for some great oils for relieving muscle pain.

Let's talk about why this isn't helpful

1. While on the surface essential oils for muscle pain makes sense, we know that the pain people with Fibromyalgia experience, actually originates in our nervous system not in our muscular skeletal system. This means that while you do feel fibro pain in your muscles and joints, it is really coming from your nervous system. Therefore, oils that target muscle pain are not as likely to be helpful.

2. They only seem to target muscle pain. when we know that there are many other symptoms of fibromyalgia. Better sleep, stress relief, and oils that help your nervous system are all very likely to be more helpful when dealing with a fibro flare.

3.Many essential oil companies that are popular are MLM companies which tend to train their reps via a sales and marketing plan vs one steeped in education. This means oils are being touted as a "Cure" and often are paired with unsafe ways to use the oils. Be careful of anyone who claims that essential oils are a cure, suggests putting oils directly on your skin without being diluted in a carrier oil, or those who suggest ingesting essential oils. Check out our resources category to find our trusted essential oils sources.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for fibromyalgia, and while I love using natural remedies like essential oils to enhance healing sessions, and mood, no essential oil blend is going to be the magic thing you've been searching for.

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