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Pros & Cons of online Grocery Delivery

One of the things I started doing during the pandemic was ordering my groceries online. I'll share a little secret: I hate grocery shopping. I always have. There is something about the bright lights that is very overwhelming and so when I realized that I didn't have to physically go to the store to get my groceries, I was all in.In fact, I' am waiting for a delivery right now as I write this I am getting work done, while preparing to feed my family

. For those of you with fibromyalgia, choosing to have your groceries ordered and delivered may be a helpful choice. Consider trying it the next time you are feeling unwell, or just find that you would rather be doing something else instead. Below are a list of my pros and cons. I will update this if any new ones pop up and would love for you to share with me anything you think should be added to the lists.

Let's start with a list of the Pros! Things you might love about having the groceries delivered:

  • Not having to drive in or go out in inclement weather

  • Avoiding the crowds, long lines, and sometimes overwhelming feelings of being at the grocery store. For those with fibro the lights, sounds can be uncomfortable.

  • Not having to push around the heavy cart

  • Not having to load, and unload all of the groceries into your car.

  • Not having to carry your groceries into the house. Including carrying heavy things like water or beverages.

  • Being able to create your grocery list on your computer or phone as you go

  • Being able to easily search for items online vs finding them in the store aisles.

  • Managing your grocery list, sales, and prices: Once you add everything in your cart, you can add more or adjust based on your budget.

  • Sales can be more clear.

  • Your favorites are often saved and easy to add to your cart each week.

  • You can find new options you might not have considered before. (Hello tube of tomato paste! Best online find ever)

  • You do not end up with too many impulse buys. So it can be easier to pick healthier food or plan which snacks you really want in the house.

Cons: These are things that may be a little difficult or even a deal breaker for you.

  • Every location is a bit different and you may or may not have shopper that are as great as others.

  • Some shoppers may not pick things like fruit and produce quite the way you would. Some people who choose to have their groceries delivered only order their dried goods, and go in to pick their own produce or meat.

  • Sometimes the store is out of what you are looking for, and it can be a bit picky to choose a replacement .

  • There can be extra charges. Some of those charges for example might be Delivery, Service, Tip, and sometimes a charge for carrying extra heavy items.

  • It can take up a bit of time to connect with your shopper through the chat and make sure they are finding exactly what you need, helping you chose replacements, or decide what to omit. For example: If you chose a cereal because of a great sale price, and the store is out, you may choose another brand or not to get the cereal at all that week.

Some of my tips from personal experience:

  • Consider making your first order on a day where you have extra time to be near your phone. That way you can handle any issues that come up without added stress.

  • Check to see if they have any specials, (like free delivery) for your first order to try it out.

  • Tip well, and be open to communicating with your shopper. When you communicate well, you get the best groceries.

For me, being able to manage the items in my cart actually saves me money. When I have a little extra I can splurge on staples like sugar, and when my cart goes over budget, I can chose what to put back easily. I also feel like I can view and consider sales, which does not happen for me in the store.

Finding your Fibro Flow is all about really understanding what systems we can put in place for ourselves to make our lives feel better or become easier. Online grocery shopping does this for me MOST of the time. I have great shoppers where I live. Sometimes, I need get into the store and really see what is available and looks fresh.

Do you think online grocery delivery is for you?

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